Facade Marking Paint

Facade Marking Paint


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 Facade Marking Paint, Reflective Facade Marking Paint

It is new kind of coating materials which can be used in the bridge pier, curbstone, road isolation barriers,tunnels facade walls and other barriers...



1, Appearance:

No lumps, no skin, easy to disperse, color uniformity


2, Hazardous Materials: No


3, Application: Spray, Brush, Roll


4, Coating Characteristics:

Smooth, No cracks, No bubbles, No Wrinkling after 24 hours of marking.

Water Resistance; Alkali Resistance;Weather Resistance.


5, Density: 1.4grams/cube cm


6, Viscosity: 80KU


7, Drying Time: 1 hour (Fast Drying); 3 hours (Slow Drying)


8, Coverage: 95% (White)  85%(Yellow)


9, Temperature Resistance: Approved.


10, Water Resistance: after water immersion, the drying time is less than 180minutes


11, Solid Content: More than 50%


12, Retroreflectivity

White Color:

Dry: 400mcd/m2/lux



Yellow Color:

Dry: 350mcd/m2/lux


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